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Wholeness and Healing for Individuals and Families

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Tall Oak Counseling Center, 7025 Tall Oak Drive,

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

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Tall Oak Counseling Center is a group of like-minded, Christian counselors who have come together to provide a place of spiritual, emotional and physical refuge; offering the highest quality of care for the restoration of all who seek help. By providing an atmosphere that encourages growth and change using the highest quality counseling methods, the counselors of Tall Oak have seen many lives changed and healed. To ensure long-term healing, our collective objective is to see healing not only on an individual level, but with entire systems; be it couples, families or groups of people.


The guiding objectives of the center are to:


•        counsel, educate, and equip people to connect with and act on their created identity,


•        provide a caring and safe environment to process, heal and forgive,


•        process the impact of trauma and addictions,


•        repair broken trust to enrich and restore significant relationships,


•        resolve unhealthy relational and thought responses,


•        teach and equip people to implement boundaries and manage anger, anxiety and panic,


•        facilitate the recognition and resolution of self-reliance as a maladaptive responses to woundedness,


•        and to ultimately, facilitate the restoration of family relationships.

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